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What Our Clients Say

“Tanvi’s energy and passion for her work are contagious to her audiences. She is a powerful storyteller who leads you to think and act differently.”

Ari Sarker

President, Mastercard (Asia Pacific)

“By far, Dr. Tanvi is one of the best business transformation coach I have worked with in my entire career! So grateful for the immediate impact she has given Coca-Cola”

Drew Fernandez

Global Chief People Officer Coca Cola (BIG)

“Impactful, strategic, powerful. I can’t wait for the next session with her.”

Khadija Ben Hammada

Chief of Staff & Head of CEO Office - Merck Healthcare at Merck Group

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DR Tanvi Gautam

When you have had enough of superficial & lackluster workshops, ordinary keynotes, and mundane executive coaching experiences- then you come and find me.

I use a combination of proven head and heart-based tools to move people out of their comfort zone and into their high-impact & high-performance zone. As a certified storytelling coach, certified conversational intelligence coach, and certified culture talk tools coach, I take a 360-intervention approach to interventions and executive coaching. Whether it is aligning executive teams to go beyond the ‘one team’ jargon, inspiring a room of 5000 people to their next level of greatness or coaching an upcoming leader in stronger executive presence skills, the goal is always to seek the shift from the inside out because that is the change that sticks.

With my background in corporate practicality and deep-rooted academic frameworks, I have the skills and experience to help you navigate the world of disruption. I have been listed as a Game Changer by Workforce Magazine (USA) and my ideas have been featured in, Business Times, Economic Times, BBC World, and other global publications. I am also the author of two books and listed as a top 200 global influencer on leadership by People Hum.

Your search for deep and meaningful experiences that inspire and change ends here. Let this be the start of something extraordinary for you or your people. Because you deserve an upgrade.

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Thought Leadership

How to pick yourself after you fall down
We all face set backs and how to manage our mindset and emotions in the moment can be the key to forward progress. Watch 3 practical ways in which you can do this easily.
Forbes more powerful women list
BBC interviews Dr. Tanvi on the reason why there is a number of Asian women leaders on the Forbes most powerful list of women.. Find out the challenges involved with Asian women leaders. Could family background take a major toll in determining success? Her answer may shock you.
Rest and Recovery as a competitive advantage
Upon being 3 years into the pandemic, companies need to recognise that rest and recovery is essential for long term growth. It is not a good to have but rather a core competitive advantage. Learn how to still hit reset while competing with the others. Discover the benefits to the Rest & Recovery method.
Embracing forced disruption
In this episode of #TanviTalks, Azran Osman-Rani (former CEO of air asia x), as he describes the lessons he has learned in the process of leading the world's first budget airline, Air Asia X, to fly internationally as well the breakthrough task of taking AirAsia X public. Throughout the video, many lessons can be learned from this amazing conversation.
Presidential opening address
As the first Indian woman in this role for one of the world’s top speaker associations, watch Dr. Tanvi’s opening message to the community. Her view on professional speaking reminds people that the act of being on stage is both a privilege and a responsibility.
Careers in the age of disruption
Dr. Tanvi is interviewed by People Hum on her career as a whole and the advice she has in line for other people who want to be as successful as her.
Launch of the CIA
Money 893FM interviews Dr. Tanvi on why the career intelligence accelerator was launched. She talks about the contrast of careers in the past and the modern day and elaborates on the major differences. Given the quantity of career paths available, find out why?

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