Success with strategic thinking:

A Masterclass to enhance your impact as a leader.

Strategic thinking is a crucial skill that all leaders need to master. It's not just about long-term planning or ivory tower plans, but also about staying a few steps ahead of the change curve. This masterclass will teach you how to think strategically, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions that drive results.

Don't let myths and lack of time hold you back from becoming a strategic leader.

Some objectives of the masterclass:

Topic 1:

What is it and why bother ?

Strategic thinking can be overwhelming when we don't know where to start.

Topic 2:

actionable tools:

As a leader, you have enough on your plate to take care of.

Topic 3:

Helping teams be strategic:

Miss this critical step and even the best story will fail to land. In this pillar you will learn:

Storytelling is an art and science and Tanvi effortlessly understands both. In her session not only were there templates that could get a novice started but also enough for leaders to start exploring and drawing up their own stories.
She stays away form the cookie cutter approach and inspires a love of stories for the way they can help lead change in organizations as well as people.
Her exposure to the issues of talent management and cross culture expertise make the delivery of value beyond just the act of storylelling. I recommend her work highly.

Jackie Dufault

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Executive Director of the Senseable City Lab
Tanvi is a powerful keynote speaker and storyteller.

She takes the business & strategic conversation and integrates it into a compelling narrative for your audience and clients. Having worked with her one on one, I believe her work in the c-suite is much appreciated and needed.

Whether translating go to market strategies for clients or C-suite presentations, her insights add the storyline that connects the dots

Rama Sridhar

Experienced Business Head| Growth Strategist |

Partner to the Digital payment World,

Tanvi was phenomenal in helping us navigate through the art of communicating effective stories that resonates, even if we have a “ dry topic” to pitch.
I enjoyed her expert insights and her commanding presence in honing this often neglected skill set- a solid Business or personal story resonates and will help one secure support and resources for causes we represent.
Dr Tanvi is masterful and highly recommended for anyone who wants to raise the bar.

Fredrik Fong

Head of Asia,

WHF Franchise, Zuellig Pharma

“ Tanvi Gautam stands out as a bold and brilliant voice of today. A master storyteller who knows the purpose of sharing her stories is to inspire others to craft and share their own.”

Ron Kaufman

New York Times

Bestselling author of Uplifting Service

Inspirational. Practical. Unapologetic. Passionate. Supportive. These are just a few truths in describing the wonderful individual that is Dr. Tanvi. If you ever get the chance to work with her you will truly expand both your mindset and skillset. I was inspired by her in less than an hour and continue to be a follower of her work many years after her session learning much from her global perspective and deep insights combined with a flair for storytelling !

Michelle Nunis

Marketing director Campbell Soup;

Ex- Head of Marketing Pepsico Malaysia

Hear from our Alumni

Our amazing alumni come with a hunger to not torture their audiences with the droning of facts and figures but rather they know – facts tell but stories sell. They are from a cross section of the industry – Retail, Consulting, Pharma, Tech, Banking, and more. They are from Sales, Marketing, HR, Accounting, Communication, and yes sometimes even legal (who knew they wanted more irresistible influence and impact).

They love the cross industry & global cohort that comes together to learn from each other in the peer mentoring pods. NO group is ever more than 20 people so seats are limited ! We sold out the last time we ran the program.

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