Your Ship is Stuck

Uh oh! Looks like your ship is stuck !! Time to send an SOS to move you back into calm waters.

Given below are some personalised strategies on how to move things to the next level. Pick one and implement it right away. The world belongs to the action takers.


And More Importantly,

How Do You Get Your Ship ‘Unstuck’?

Time to send an SOS to move you back into calm waters. What do you think got you stuck to begin with?

All the talent in the world will go nowhere if it isn’t positioned and conveyed well to the stakeholders that matter. You may have heard – hard work is a necessary but insufficient condition for your success. You may end up being the best-kept secret that no one knows about.

The gameboard is changing dramatically and now is the chance for new leaders to emerge and shine. So what is your plan? What you need is advice that can set you apart and on the right track straight away! What if you could have a team of experts that would tell you the secrets that can change the game for you? How would you like to be the leading ship sailing strong no matter what the weather inside or out?


Rescue Your Career

Your Ship is Stuck. Believe it or not, this is actually good news! Why?

It’s good news because you clearly are a curious action-taker who has chosen to take this quiz and now will get ready to get the ship sailing again. How? Let’s create a quick action plan, shall we?


Get in The Game

I find many executives are so focused on work that they forget to play the game of work. Yes, it is a game. And if you know the rules you will be on the fast track. Most of these rules are unwritten. A participant of our career intelligence accelerator said “Joining the accelerator was getting hold of the cheat sheet that no one gives you to win at this game”. Getting into the game requires you to become aware of your blind spots, it requires you to become aware of the way the cards are being dealt in your organization and where the nexus of power-play lies. Start observing and you will soon see a pattern.


Amplify Your Personal Brand

The number of times I have coached executives who have gone and self-sabotaged in the absence of this awareness of their personal brand is just too many. Every statement you make adds or takes away from your personal brand. Start consciously and cautiously creating a brand that matters. A good personal brand is a reputation that precedes you and it opens doors for you without your even realising it. Quick tip: Think of 3 positive words that you think are associated with your brand and 3 words that you feel are holding you back. Now think of how you will take the positive keywords and amplify them more and what actions are needed to change the perception of the negative words.


Own Your Presence

Let’s face it, impressions are made or broken in high-stakes situations. It is easy for anyone to be a boss-like figure when the going is smooth, but what happens when the sea is turbulent? A strong executive presence conveys to the other person that you have what it takes and this, in turn, inspires them to follow you, promote you, and get behind your ideas.

An Invitation

Now, you did not come this far just to read this page and carry on! You have options to roll up your sleeves and get started on the work of getting your ship unstuck right away. We will be sending you some tips and techniques over the next few weeks to help with the turnaround! Meanwhile, you can connect or follow me on LinkedIn.

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