Your Ship is Stuck

Uh oh! Looks like your ship is stuck !! Time to send an SOS to move you back into calm waters.

Given below are some personalised strategies on how to move things to the next level. Pick one and implement it right away. The world belongs to the action takers.

Your results are in…

Your Career’s Ship is Stuck

You know that you have the potential to make a big impact in your industry. But you feel like you are always struggling to stay afloat and prove your worth to the biggest stakeholders.

Though you are not afraid to work hard to deliver results and impact your organization, you feel like that effort and work ethic is not being properly recognized by the leaders in your organization and industry.

You keep wondering whether it is time to find a new career or look for a new workplace, but you’re not sure how to take those next steps or know if the timing is right. At the end of the day, you just can’t shake the feeling that one reorganization in your company or disruption to your workflow will leave your career fully sunk.

You were made for more!

It’s time to take matters in your own hands because this is your career. No one from HR, nor your boss, nor your colleagues are going to be as invested in building up your career because they are all busy navigating their own rough waters.

What if you could future-proof your career?

Career intelligence is a skill, one that global leaders work hard to develop. When you have career intelligence, you are confident in your leadership abilities and know how to convey your greatest assets to the most important stakeholders in your industry.

So that you remain one of the “Most Valuable People” in the room regardless of market shifts, corporate restructuring, or other unexpected disruptions in your career.

Career intelligence must be learned

You may have heard the phrase: “Hard work is necessary, but not sufficient for big success.”

You might work hard behind the scenes, but if you do not know how to convey your value to the people in your industry who matter most, you will always feel like your career is right on the verge of collapse.

You don’t need to work harder. And you don’t necessarily need to switch careers or workplaces to find success. You just need a team of experts to tell you the career intelligence secrets and strategies that will change the game for you.

Start building your career intelligence with these next steps:

01 Embrace—and amplify—your personal brand

By embracing and cultivating your personal brand, you allow your reputation to precede you.
Instead of fighting to prove your worth to the biggest stakeholders in the room, doors will be opened with ease and you will leave behind all the self-sabotaging words and behaviors that have been standing in the way of your leadership success.

Power tip: Write down 3 positive words that you think are associated with your brand and 3 words that encompass all the ways you are feeling held back. Now write down actionable steps you can take to amplify the positive while reducing the presence of the negative.

02 Own your presence

Let’s face it, high-stakes situations are make-or-break for your reputation.

It is easy for people to lead when the waters are smooth, but what happens when the sea is turbulent?

When you have a strong executive presence, everyone in the room is confident in your leadership ability–during the low-stakes situations and the high. They feel inspired to follow your example, invest in your ideas, and promote you into higher leadership positions .

Power tip: Don’t let imposter syndrome get in the way of your potential. Even if you don’t feel confident in your own executive presence, this is the time to “fake it until you make it.”

03 Work is a game: play it

People get so focused on work that they forget to play the game of work.

This is the truth: if you know the rules of the game, you will be on the fast track to success.

But most of these rules are unwritten, and only the most committed leaders put in the work to become aware of their blindspots, uncover how the cards are being dealt in their organization, and learn the career intelligence needed to see where the power is—and how to grasp it for themselves.

Because it is not easy. It is work.

But that is why you need an expert who knows how to play the game of success, and knows how to help you achieve your next levels of impact.

Meet Your Expert

I am Dr. Tanvi Gautam, the founder of Leadership, Inc, winner of the Game Changer Award in Workforce Magazine, and voted a top-10 social media HR influencer for 10 years in a row as well as one of the top-100 global leadership experts per People Hum (2022).

I have helped executives in Meta, Mastercard, Microsoft, Accenture, Coca-Cola, Verizon, and other Fortune 500 companies develop their career intelligence and expand their ability to influence outcomes for their teams and organizations—all while building a future-proof personal brand. But that is not the reason you should come work with me!

The reason for us to work together is because my own career was disrupted by an international move, combined with a recession, combined with personal challenges. And at that point in time, not even a PhD degree was enough to get me out of the spot I had landed in.

From a nobody to global influencer status with a publication in and twice being quoted in Harvard Business Review. The experience I have of managing my own career out of disruption is one that holds deep insights for the leaders I guide. It is time for you to work with someone who not only gets the academic depth of the topic, but the real world. And most importantly, someone who has been in the trenches of reinvention.

The lens of leadership

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See what other executives have said about me:

“I think we’re all in this game of chess, but sometimes we don’t know it’s chess […] now that I understand the game and the game board a little bit better, it has confirmed and demystified so much about my career stagnation, my career growth, and how to accelerate it.”

- Kay T.

“This is going to be a game changer for me […] If you care about your career and if you care about your own professional and personal growth, and if you fundamentally believe that you are the driver of your own destiny, then I wouldn’t say highly recommend—I’d say [Dr. Gautam’s knowledge] is essential.”

- Betinho S.