You're Teetering on the Edge of True Influence

Not bad at all. You are surely ahead of the pack when it comes to your career and leadership journey but does that mean you will reach your highest potential? Maybe. Maybe not. And are you willing to take that gamble?

Given below are some personalised strategies on how to move things to the next level. Pick one and implement it right away. The world belongs to the action takers.


And More Importantly,

How Do You Stop Teetering?

You may find some situations easier to influence than others. Your allies and network may be good but is it strong enough? You are seen as a person who can shine but will you shine the way you are meant to? You are “a’ strong leadership candidate but are you “the” leadership candidate?

The right tweak at the right place at the right time can make the tables turn in your favour in a very big way !. You owe it to yourself to reach the next level of your potential and capability. It is not a question of ‘will it happen’, but more a case of will you allow it to happen by making the powerful tweaks needed to accelerate your influential leader status.

The game-board is changing dramatically and now is the chance for new leaders to emerge and shine. So what is your plan? What you need is advice that can set you apart and on the right track straight away! What if you could have a team of experts that would tell you the secrets that can change the game for you?


Get Your Career Headed In The Right Direction

Most people who get this result are doing a few things very well, but others not so well.

For instance, you could have a good personal brand but a weak network. Alternately you could be middle of the pack on all dimensions which will keep you safe but as they say – ships are safest in the harbour but that is not what ships are for. So let’s look at 3 things you can do right away to speed up the ship you are steering!


Power up your network

No matter what is the status of your network there is always room to improve. Check how strong your network is. Having 2000 followers or connections on LinkedIn is not what a powerful network is about. A powerful network is one that you invest in and that invests in you. Power tip: check your connections on LinkedIn — are they all from the same industry and/or the same gender or same rank then you need to diversify the network because a diverse network is a more powerful network


Power up your personal brand

This is something that I find most executives tend to ignore because they are too busy getting results or working ‘in’ their career versus ‘on’ their career. And even if they have a personal brand that brand may not be working for them. A good personal brand is one that positions you for your next level of career and leadership iteration. Quick tip: Think of 3 positive words that you think are associated with your brand and 3 words that you feel are holding you back. Now think of how you will take the positive keywords and amplify them more and what actions are needed to change the perception of the negative words.


Learn powerful communication

Again, this is one area that can easily take you from good to great. The amount of wasted opportunity in presentations, pitches, and even meetings is mind-boggling. When you speak, do people feel inspired, and do they want to get behind your vision and support you with effort and resources? Are you able to hold your own in high-stakes or high-conflict situations? No matter how good you are as an executive if people don’t feel inspired by you and your energy they won’t get behind you and then you could get reduced to the position of another cog in the wheel.

An Invitation

Now, you did not come this far just to read this page and carry on! We will be sending you some tips and techniques over the next few weeks to help with the turnaround! Meanwhile, you can connect or follow me on LinkedIn.

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