You have the potential to influence and impact in a big way

Look at you! You certainly seem to be in the top 30% of people who take this quiz. When things need to be done, you are the one to get them done.

Given below are some personalised strategies on how to move things to the next level. Pick one and implement it right away. The world belongs to the action takers.


And More Importantly,

How Can You Maximize Your Potential?

You are not just another leader, you are someone who has the potential to influence and impact in a big way. Having said that we all know hard work and talent also need the right context to thrive. How can you make sure that you continue on an upward trajectory? None of us are irreplaceable and the shifting sands mean you have to be on top of your game always.

The game-board is changing dramatically and now is the chance for new leaders to emerge and shine. So what is your plan? What you need is advice that can set you apart and on the right track straight away! What if you could have a team of experts that would tell you the secrets that can change the game for you?


Get Your Career Headed In The Right Direction

You seem to have many ducks in a row already but guess what !?

Ducks have a tendency to run away and not be in a line anymore. In other words, the big question for you is how to continue to build a strong and sustainable career success strategy. Here are some suggestions to kick things to the next level:


Identify the high stakes for your career

You will shine more if you are strategic about the choices you make and the areas you play in. What type of projects and assignments can help you build skills for the future and not just where you are. As the famous saying goes, what got you here won’t get you there. And what will get you there is a series of strategic decisions on how to take on those roles and responsibilities that set you up for future success.


Raise your visibility quotient

I am a big believer in the amplification of thought leadership and potential. For me, amplification of your thought leadership and your work is not a vanity metric. It is about being seen as a valuable member of the professional community to which you belong. If you are already strong in this, don’t rest on your laurels, think of alternate audiences and universes that are unfamiliar with who you are. Particularly in a post-pandemic world where work has become more virtual, you have the opportunity to start thinking in terms of a global profile.


Own your ambition

Even if many top executives score well on the many parameters of this quiz such as personal branding, executive presence, strategic networks, and resilience, I find that they don’t fully own their ambition. Women in particular and individuals who come from collectivist cultures tend to hold back from fully owning and expressing their ambition. In some, there is a fear of success which is all about the cost of success. In others, it is the fear of being judged or called out by others. If you are in a minority you may even have heard of the imposter syndrome. But looking your ambition in the eye and reminding yourself that the first person who must believe in your dreams is you is the first step to fully owning your ambition.

An Invitation

Now, you did not come this far just to read this page and carry on! We will be sending you some tips and techniques over the next few weeks to help with the turnaround! Meanwhile, you can connect or follow me on LinkedIn.

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