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“I have never come across a keynote speaker who pays the amount of attention Tanvi does to creating a memorable virtual experience for the audience. She spent a lot of time with our teams in configuring the optimal platform settings. The result was not only an outstanding keynote content and delivery wise but technically flawless as well. Our social media was filled with messages of the deep impact she left on the audience in a very short period of time.”

Tina Chee


“Deep expertise does not always translate into a deep conversation. Unless you are Dr. Tanvi! She takes her decades of work and engages the audience in a manner that they can’t help but get drawn into. If you have seen her present in person you know the energy I am talking about but online she holds the same (if not more) attention. Her session for our executives had them talking about it for days!”

Nick Jonsson

MD, EGN- Singapore & Indonesia

“While there are many inspiring speakers, there are only few who ignite a spark in you to go take action. Dr. Tanvi would be one of those. Her session helped me both think differently and act differently. The authenticity combined with a powerful delivery makes for an unforgettable combination. Her message will resonate with you and inspire you for a long time to come”

Juliet Hull

Country director New Zealand, Johnson and Johnson

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Most requested keynote

We create bespoke and highly impactful keynotes best suited to the circumstance and stage of evolution of your audience. Please ask about the topics you are looking for.

Topic 1:

Architects of the future:

75 minutes, including a substantial Q&A session

An invitation to refresh the leadership conversation

The last three years have not been business as usual. The next three “should not” be business as usual,says Dr Tanvi Gautam, a multi-award winning author, keynote speaker, and executive coach. The invitation of the pandemic is for us to hit “refresh” on the leadership conversation. Based on her work with the C-suite & in the trenches with leaders across industries ,Dr. Tanvi will share what is the new normal of leadership style that audience needs to pay attention to. These principles are key to creating the value-added code of collaboration that will help propel the system to its next level of growth. She will cover:

Topic 2:

The R factor: Rest and recovery as a competitive advantage:

75 minutes, including a substantial Q&A session

In this dynamic and candid keynote, Dr. Tanvi endeavours to explore the depths of why our relationship with rest is so critical even as we emerge from the pandemic. How do we reframe the rest and productivity equation in our lives and at work ? She will delve into why the traditional way of imagining relationship between work and rest is flawed and needs an urgent and active re-imagination.

We will also examine the different types of rest each individual needs and how we can commit to going about getting it. How can we be more aware of the idea & presence of ‘energy’ leaks and consciously manage them so that you can 100% fill your ‘rest’ bucket to be able to be fully engaged and productive?

This keynote will help both individuals as well as leaders of teams to start thinking about how they manage their relationship with rest and how to actively use it as a competitive advantage. Many organizations also customize this keynote to include how to manage the overwhelm of work so teams can reduce their overwhelm. overwhelm of work so teams can reduce their overwhelm. Key takeaways include:

Topic 3:

Other popular keynotes:

75 minutes, including a substantial Q&A session

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Be future fluid

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Transformation mindset

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The illusion of inclusion

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What Our Clients Say

High energy & engagement and even higher inspiration. That is what Tanvi brought to some 300 leaders of our leaders across APAC & MEA. Her keynote on storytelling pushed the boundaries of how we thought of ourselves and the way we talk & position ourselves to our customers. I was impressed that even in a virtual set up she created a highly enthusiastic conversation with the audience. I recommend her as a highly-skilled virtual keynote speaker & hope to hear her in person someday.

Enrique Patrickson

CFO & Head of Sales - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa at Electrolux

We invited Tanvi to speak to our regional customer conference and her presentation was inspiring, motivational and filled with research and examples using both video and data points.

She is warm, engaging and a true expert. I would recommend her for your next corporate event – whether that be large or small, she has excellent presence and was extremely well received by our attendees.

Alicia Tillman

Global Chief Marketing Officer


Speaker BIo

A multi-award-winning keynote speaker, multi-certified executive coach & best-selling author. Incoming President of the Asia professional speaker’s society. TedX speaker.

Senior faculty & program director in Executive development.

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