David Brown – Navigating New Horizons: A Former CMO’s Sabbatical Story of Growth and Change

In our latest episode, we sit down with David, a former Chief Marketing Officer, who turned the page on his high-flying corporate career to embark on a transformative sabbatical that reshaped his definition of success.

🔦 This isn’t just a story about taking time off; it’s a deep dive into the emotional upheaval and invigorating self-discovery that accompanies the bold decision to press pause on a familiar life script.

🌈 We traverse the highs and lows of David’s journey, his battles with identity outside the executive suite, and how he navigated the stormy seas of career change. His candid revelations are a profound reflection for anyone contemplating a leap towards aligning their career with their true passions.

💼 Upon his return, David shares the indelible marks left on both his personal and professional life. Listeners will find comfort and inspiration in his approach to reintegration and the invaluable lessons he now applies to maintain mental health in a high-speed world.

🧭 Whether you’re an executive feeling the heat of burnout or someone yearning for a purposeful pivot, this episode is a beacon of hope that illustrates the richness that awaits when you dare to redefine success on your terms.

🔗 Tune in to discover how a year off can lead to a lifetime of fulfillment. #Podcast #CareerChange #Sabbatical #PersonalGrowth #ExecutiveBurnout #SuccessStories #MentalHealth


Tanvi Gautam
Tanvi Gautam
David Brown - Navigating New Horizons: A Former CMO's Sabbatical Story of Growth and Change

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