Frans Johansson – Seizing Opportunity In An Unpredictable World

Are you ready to challenge traditional notions of success?

We have insightful conversation with the brilliant Frans Johansson, CEO and founder of the Medici Group and author of The Click Moment.

📚 Fran enlightens us about the unpredictable ingredients of success – serendipity and randomness. He argues that success isn’t just about skillsets but also about embracing the unexpected and harnessing the power of innovation.

📚We explore how the rules of success are constantly shifting, and why traditional management education may not equip us to navigate these changes.

📚We discuss the intersections of cultures, fields, and industries, and how they can spark innovation.

This episode is a game-changer for anyone seeking to redefine success, leadership, and innovation. So grab your headphones, and let’s shake up your perspective on success!


Tanvi Gautam
Tanvi Gautam
Frans Johansson - Seizing Opportunity In An Unpredictable World

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