Navi Radjou – Frugal Innovation

Exciting news for all the business enthusiasts out there!

Our latest podcast episode is a must-listen. We dive into the fascinating world of Frugal Innovation with the brilliant Navi Raju. Navi is an Indian-French-American Scholar and Speaker on Jugaad, Frugal Innovation and Wise Leadership; Ranked Global Top 50 Management Thinker; TED Speaker

Navi enlightens us on the power of doing more with less, and how businesses can adapt in an economic shift where customers demand more value for their money. From the rise of GAFA companies to the sharing economy, Navi illustrates how frugality is becoming the new norm.

The highlights in this Podcast are:

  • What is frugal innovation and why it matters more than ever today?
  • What are some cases of big companies transitioning to a lean start up style
  • Skills a leader must have to foster open innovation in the company
  • How is your experience a burden to innovation
  • How to leverage partnerships for an innovation ecosystem


This episode will revolutionize your understanding of innovation and leadership in the current economic climate. Don’t miss out! Tune in now to gain valuable insights and join the conversation.


Tanvi Gautam
Tanvi Gautam
Navi Radjou - Frugal Innovation

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